Achari Biryanis

Recently had ordered one at karims restaurant but was disappointed. The taste had lacked the aroma of Biryani and the taste of chicken which should get mixed with the rice was replaced by pickle taste of raw mango. For some that can be a welcome variation from traditional but for me it was not worth the price charged that is RS 350 per plate. Very less of Biryani masala instead had bountiful green chillies.


machiatto coffee.

A variety served at Costa out let. Usually tastes better with out milk but can also be added. Coffee lovers add brown sugar called demerara sugar adds some tinge to mild but soothing taste buds.

Memoni Mutton Biryani

I tried this at home and I recommend it to others as well. I had experimented this time with normal Biryani making recipies, in a way that I deliberately departed from the dhaniya and Pudina flavor one normally uses to bring aroma instead of rose water. I also desisted from useing food color. I have discovered that Biryani making is mainly about how the rice is cooked in mutton/chicken. You develop it over years of experience. The rest of the trick is in the Spices.

Memoni Biryani is mix of different condiments which also includes some dry vegetable powder like papaya. My version of memoni biryani also had boiled eggs sprinkled while the Dum was being made. Is there any shop that offers Memoni biryani or it is another home made version? I used Shaan Masala.

The smoke factory 

On a lazy Sunday afternoon when you are already late for lunch with stomach longing for anything you expect the least in a theme restaurant like smoke factory to serve you lip smacking biryani.

When I saw the menu and found them I decided to order both mutton and chicken biryani. To my surprise they were able to serve both within 20 min of order. The texture and color was usual but this had a distinctive flavour of mint leaves. Well cooked mutton and boiled eggs quadrasplit added the satisfaction of eating. The condiments were usual and mild and garnishment had split green chillies which I came across as unique.a little less than RS 400 a plate the quantity is perfect only for one person. The raita was simple.recommended .

Biryani paradise at Connaught place



A nice cozy corner outlet at CP just at the beginning of Baba khadag Singh marg called biryani paradise. They serve different varieties of biryani that boasts egg biryani veg biryani even some thing like paneer biryani. We ordered one chicken and one mutton hyderabadii dum biryani. They serve each plate with half egg boiled as shown. Onion fry is sprinkled for garnishment each plate is served with raita and masala separately. Condiments are minimum but taste is Rs350 per plate before taxes it s just one time cool trial. Would not put it as must visit.

Home made mothers recipe

Some good homely biryani was made by my mother in  law. I found she cooked chicken first with standard masala. Than she boiled rice. Than for the dum she distributed the chicken in between layers of rice.  In the market a kesar like ingredient is available which gives color to the rice. The taste how ever was awesome.
In one of the restaurant in kolkata I ordered for chicken biryani. Apart from scented water it looked plain yellow fried rice.  The taste was OK due to chicken.

Taj hotel Biryani

One of the best to taste may be because of the price. The mutton tasted exotic and the rice tasted truly majestic. However the color of dark brown gave it as if onions used. Thought of finding saffron whiff but could not.


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